Digi-Data Corporation

Our Mission...digi-data products

At Digi-Data, our mission is to eliminate the headache of managing data across multiple devices and interfaces, making cloud-based storage as common as using email or owning a cell phone. We offer the  market a convenient, intuitive solution that automates the process of securing data for future access, rendering conventional methods of storage and external hardware obsolete.

Protect your data from computer failure, human error, theft or virus attack WHILE maintaining access and interactivity to your personal information! Now, you can store, retrieve, share and stream data to and from virtually any device!

Our Core...

Digi-Data’s Core Platform is highly versatile and provides the framework for many different consumer and business offers. Modules can be customized to create multiple solutions for different classes of customers. This multi-function services platform is sold through strategic partners, typically service providers.