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Tried and True

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Partners from around the world use Digi-Data's services to provide industry leading, cloud-based storage solutions to their consumers.

We have launched over 13 service providers around the globe in the last 5 years. With a consistently growing customer base and the demand for innovative, integrated and well-timed technologies, Digi-Data has become a seasoned veteran in the cloud storage arena.  With infrastructure partners like Hitachi and Sun Microsystems, the company is well positioned to move into any global market. As our network of customers grows, so do the advances we are able to make in technology.

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Our History

Digi-Data was founded in 1962 by Richard Van Lunen to provide high capacity storage technologies. Over the course of the next 30 years, Van Lunen oversaw the development of six patents to thrust Digi-Data to the forefront of storage technology. With its storage heritage, Digi-Data recognized the challenges and opportunities formed by the explosion of consumer created digital content.  Since our inception, adaptability and foresight have been key to our success.  In 2005, we acquired the assets of bigVault Corporation to form the foundation of the company's current cloud storage offering. This acquisition made it possible to extend the company's reach into the consumer and small business arenas and enabled Digi-Data to provide secure, private, online content management for personal and business information.

Digi-Data is a privately held corporation and employs approximately 40 full-time employees.