Digi-Data Corporation

What’s in the cloud? Everything. Digi-Data enables service providers worldwide to rapidly deploy online storage solutions to their customers.


Get "on-the-go" access to your digital assets via iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

*Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.


View, store, share and stream your digital assets anywhere there is an Internet connection.


Give life to your irreplaceable files! Sync important files and backup precious memories straight to the cloud through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


Imagine all your media uploaded to the cloud via PC or Mobile, available directly on your *TV. Yep. We do that too!

*TV Widgets are available on multiple web enabled TV brands including Sony®, LG®, Samsung® and Vizio®. They utilize either the Yahoo® CONNECTED TV or Google TV™ Platforms.


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We offer our partners complete cloud access to develop applications for web, desktop and mobile.


Our on-site storage solution makes sync, backup and restore operations extremely fast and reliable.

Digi-Data Architecture

Yeah, we do that...

Making "3-Screens" a reality has been somewhat of a challenge for many cloud computing providers. Introducing Digi-Data's multi-screen solution. Play, store and share from any screen.
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Why Digi-Data?

Why Digi-Data?

With 13 service providers around the globe and infrastructure partners like Hitachi and Sun Microsystems, Digi-Data has become a seasoned veteran in the cloud storage arena.  Read more about us inside.
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